Steam wrapped and barbecue, the stars of the cooking

The man, since the fire war, understood that the use of cooking was not only a matter of taste to consume hard foods or difficult to assimilate, but a real chemical manipulation essential for our development. And if steam is the favorite of doctors, barbecue is not the worst method. So do not hesitate to grill meat, fish or vegetables with the return of the sun ... Even if cooking steam is the best.

Let's go back to the fire war and the history of cooking, because with the barbecue, our annual regression phase will follow the return of the sun. With happiness for our taste buds, but also for our health, no offense to some scientists who make an association between barbecue smoke and the occurrence of certain cancers through ... the skin. The risk seems so minimal that it is useless to follow the stupid recommendations that follow: long-sleeved clothes and shower at the end of cooking! The interest of barbecue is a rather natural cooking and without much fat which makes it an excellent cooking method for fish or vegetables. For meats, the ideal would be a vertical barbecue that allows fats to evacuate other than embers. But to close the debate on grilled meat supposedly carcinogenic, it should be known that there are fewer dangerous substances in 50 kilograms of meat grilled than in a single cigarette. So do not hesitate to use this method of cooking, as much as possible, as soon as time or ventilation allow. A special mention for the version plancha, this plate that comes from Spain, where however, the watering of food by too much olive oil is losing a little dietary interest of the method.

Soup, a cultural broth

The man quickly realized that he could boil too. For the sake of economy and efficiency. Unfortunately, if soup has long been a staple of our diet - and it remains so in many countries - it is a poor way to maintain the nutritional quality of food. For example vegetables cooked in water lose almost all their vitamins, hence the importance of drinking the broth.


Very quickly, the most advanced civilizations were able to bring the oven, which has been evolving since the dawn of time. From burial in the ground to microwaves, through the foil - which is a micro oven quite suitable - there is a very good model of cooking that focuses on the quality of food and their nutritional, to condition not to add dangerous substances, which our ancestors did not understand very well when cooking with butter. For frying or reheating leftovers with a good piece of fat, that's certainly the main mistake of our cooking in cooking - even if, as many food critics say, "it's pretty good". Sorry, colleagues, we could even imagine that the microwave was invented only for that, warm without cooking in the fat!


Finally last mode, perhaps the most used in the world - because majority in the Far East - steam. If there is a process on which it would be interesting to bet, invest in all the "start-ups" that will borrow in the field of cooking the route traced a few centuries ago by a brilliant Bloisois: Denis Papin.

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