Why do urine smell bad when eating asparagus?

Whether green or white, asparagus has common characteristics: the season begins, they have fans unconditional, and above all, they give a terrible smell to the urine. Secrets of smell.

The asparagus season is the terror of analytical laboratories. Asparagus contains an acid, aptly named asparagus, which decomposes during digestion into several substances: methanethiol, dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl sulfone. Clearly, one could have summed up by saying that it looks like sulfur; so to the rotten egg! To give you an idea of ​​the power of the phenomenon, these substances are a thousand times more concentrated than in normal urine. Another strong idea: they are found in the urine of the polecat, which has a bad reputation "olfactory" with humans.

The addition is paid very quickly in the hours after consumption, since as soon as digestion begins, these substances pass into the blood, kidneys and are concentrated in the urine.

Genetic injustice

Explained this unpleasant smell, another mystery arises. When the conversation arrives on the subject, you will notice that the division leaves two groups, of almost identical size: those who feel and those who do not feel!

Scientifically the figure is a little over 40% of people affected by the phenomenon. Two unverified assumptions: the first is that some people do not smell that smell; the other is that the acid does not pass into the urine. Where is he going then? Not in the breath, because it would be worse. Whatever the explanation is a matter of genetics ...

An excellent food

After this inconvenience that has never really prevented enthusiasts from gorging themselves, asparagus has only virtues.

In particular, very serious studies have shown that it participates in the protection against cardiovascular diseases. Without bunker with its ability to help the elimination through the urine (we come back). Perhaps also because it contains these famous antioxidants, which prevent our body from rusting and that is recommended in the prevention of many chronic diseases.

Because they contain folate, they are also recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women (apparently no evacuation through milk ... or babies do not complain!) Because they are essential vitamins at this time of the year. life

Violet green or white?

There is little difference in nutritional quality, with perhaps a little less quality for whites. The nutritionists who make this classification also recommends not to peel them to avoid losing essential elements. This is an opinion that shows the gap sometimes between nutritionists and gourmets.

A flat from a dietary point of view: prefer the vinaigrette; Mayonnaise or cream muslin sauces make the food bad for the line.

Video: The Truth About Asparagus and Your Pee (December 2019).