Emergency contraception: an information campaign for young people

Only 1% of people under 30 know the maximum time a woman has after sexual intercourse to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (5 days).

Missed pill, broken condom, unprotected sex ... Young French people are poorly informed about emergency contraception, which can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy. To palliate this ignorance, Public Health France launches an information campaign.

No medical prescription

Emergency contraception is available without a doctor's prescription, anonymously and free of charge to minors who are at least 15 years old. It can be obtained from a pharmacy, a planning or family education center (CPEF), a free STD screening center, but also from the school nurse or university service of preventive medicine and health prevention (SUMPPS) if you are a student.

Emergency contraception should be taken if possible within 12 hours after a report is not or poorly protected, but it can be taken within 3 days or 5 days depending on the drug used. "Emergency contraception is not a regular method of contraception, it is a catch-up method of contraception that is well used and is an effective solution for dealing with a specific risk of pregnancy," says Public Health France.

Inform young people

83% of people under 30 are aware of the free nature of emergency contraception for minors, and 82% know that it is possible to purchase non-prescription emergency contraception directly from a pharmacy. Nevertheless, the level of information of the 15-30 years on the actual time of use is still insufficient. Only 1% of people under 30 know the maximum time a woman has after sexual intercourse to avoid an unwanted pregnancy (5 days), 17% of those under 30 consider that emergency contraception should be taken in a delay of 3 days, and about 40% think that emergency contraception is effective only if it is taken within 24 hours after unprotected or poorly protected sexual intercourse.
"Although overall women's knowledge is better than that of men, they are still insufficient to ensure proper use of emergency contraception," said the health agency. A campaign of the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Health France aims to inform young people that in case of doubt, it is possible to receive emergency contraception after sexual intercourse no or bad protected.
The digital campaign will be broadcast on the web and on social networks (Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) from July 1 to July 21, 2019. All elements will return to the reference site and reliable information on sexuality for people. young people: Onsexprime.fr.

Video: Emergency Contraception at UVA Teen and Young Adult Health Center (December 2019).