"Surgeon of the horror" of Grenoble: new overwhelming testimonials

A surgeon working in Grenoble, recently suspended from his duties, is the subject of a preliminary investigation for "endangering others" following accusations by at least seven patients.

The list of the allegations that is reproached to him is long: non-respect of the operative techniques, absence of quality damage in the operative follow-up, medical errors leading to amputations or disabilities, forgetfulness of compresses which led to superinfection ... in front of all these Dr. V., who practiced at the clinic Cedars d'Echirolles (Grenoble) as a surgeon specialist back, is the subject of a preliminary investigation for "endangering others". He was recently suspended from his position for 3 years, including 18 suspended, by the College of Physicians. They are seven patients to want him to answer for his actions.

These practices were revealed in 2016, when the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM) discovers 54 records on Dr. V., "showing that patients were operated without medical justification, which exposed them to an undue risk" , reports The Parisian. It is also found that two patients of Dr. V. complained of medical errors. Since then, the number has gone up to seven, at least.

Most of these patients are amputated or condemned to move in wheelchairs. All believe that their sequelae are directly due to the dubious practices of the surgeon, because he would not have followed the "security checklist". Following the testimonies of alleged victims in the daily, their lawyer, Maître Édouard Bourgin, received about 40 calls from other patients of Dr. V.

Horrifying testimonies

Among them, Éric Berthon, operated in July 2017, who delivers a damning testimony to Parisian. The 50-year-old man is operated on by a throat cut by Dr. V. "The day after the operation, he says that the doctor assures him," This is good job. I am very happy with the result! "Except that an infectious cyst developed the following days in her throat." A kind of big purulent ball several centimeters in diameter, at the level of my scar. It was like a volcano. After two weeks, the crater of this volcano released all the pus that was inside, "he says.On September 6, the doctor gives him an ultrasound of the throat, during which a suspicious material is detected.

"So he decided to reopen me urgently on September 21st, 2017." After the operation, he came to my room and said to me with a lot of relaxation: "It was only a compress. I removed it. "He therefore admitted that he had forgotten a compress in my body during his first operation in July, and it was this mistake that led to my very serious infection. Indeed, this has not been inconsequential: after laboratory analysis, it appears that the infection is due to staphylococcus aureus. "The surgeon gave me a treatment to make this infection disappear, but it was not the right treatment, luckily, an infectious disease doctor from Chambéry took care of me, because otherwise I would not be there for you. speak."

Useless and dangerous operations

Another patient wants to make a complaint: Bakary Diakité. He told the newspaper that he had been living a hell since his back surgery: "In 2015, this surgeon put nine screws in the column, but four screws moved because the holes he made were too big. screw broke, she came to get stuck in a nerve. " Following this medical error, this Grenoblois can not move because of the suffering during ... 1 year! "He reopened me to cement the screws that moved, but he forgot to cement two.I still suffer.I remain lying all day.After four operations, the last in 2018, I move with crutches or a walker. "

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