How to manage the holidays of end of year in family?

The approach of the holidays in family you anguish? Here's how to better manage them!

Every year it's the same thing, you apprehend family reunions for Christmas or New Year's Day. Although this is a tradition, some situations can reactivate latent family conflicts and make the encounter explosive.

Which family to gather?

The end of year celebrations are an opportunity to bring together the family environment at large. Whether it is his own family, spouses, or in-laws, there are inevitably those who are integrated and those who are not integrated.

Between divorce, recomposed family, or traditions, the holidays are the opportunity to see who is integrated or who is away from the family. The gathering is not trivial and can send a strong message on the place of each.

What attitude to adopt?

Christmas and New Year are the occasion of a truce where we abandon the discussions that could create discord. For family reunions to work well, it is best to have a positive attitude and not let family conflicts break out.

If the unspoken are too strong or a conflict breaks out, do not hesitate to calm the discussion by asking each party to respect this traditional moment, even if it is necessary to discuss it again later.

What gift to offer?

Offering a present at this time of the year is an opportunity to show the attention and affection that each member of his family has. The gift should not be chosen by chance because it must correspond to the status and place of each.

To avoid the risk of triggering a conflict:

  • Respect equality in siblings or between in-laws for example;
  • Think about the sentimental and financial value you want for each gift;
  • Think ahead of the message you want to convey;
  • Put yourself in the place of the one who receives.

Finally, focus on the good times with family members that you enjoy rather than focusing on the disappointment of a gift received, for example. To succeed in family reunions is to accept the differences of each one but also what brings you together.

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