Cancer: some wigs soon fully reimbursed by Social Security

By April, Social Security will fully support the synthetic fiber wigs of patients who have lost their hair due to cancer, the Ministry of Health said.

This is a great victory for cancer patients in France. After years of negotiations between different patient associations and manufacturers of hair prostheses, the government has finally accepted full coverage of class 1 wigs by Social Security for people who have lost their hair after chemotherapy. And this measure will be put in place next April, announced the Ministry of Health Friday, December 21.

Hair prosthesis manufacturers have committed themselves to reduce their prices, from 400 euros currently for synthetic fiber wigs to 350 euros, according to a notice of proposed rate fixing and price limit for sale to the public appeared in the Official Journal.

Regarding class 2 wigs, including at least 30% natural hair, they will be capped at 700 euros and reimbursed for 250 euros, double today. On the other hand "for the wigs of more than 700 euros which today represent a market share of less than 8%, the opinion to be published does not provide for any reimbursement", deplores Rose-Up, the association of patients at the origin of this victory on his website. "Our association will make an observation to request the maintenance of the current reimbursement of 125 euros for women who want to acquire a high-end wig," says the organization, still very satisfied.

"Go out, simply, head up"

Indeed, this measure is part of one of the key promises of the 2014-2019 Cancer3 Plan, says Rose-Up, welcoming the news. While the negotiations "remained bogged down for more than three years," last June the association had revived the debate via an online petition addressed to Emmanuel Macron himself.

"A wig is not a trivial accessory, some of them, it's true, have their alopecia and they wear it cranium, while others, the vast majority, choose to wear a prosthesis because it is the guarantor of a social "normality" for which we fight every day, because it allows us not to remain confined to the private sphere but to remain in the public space, to keep our full place as citizens, professionals, wife. To go out, simply, with your head up, "wrote Rose-Up.

The Minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, then promised to restart the process of negotiations for a measure she had herself drafted under the Hollande government when she chaired the National Cancer Institute. "We really appreciate the will of the Minister and the speed of the Economic Committee for Health Products, which made it possible to conclude these negotiations in less than six months," concludes today Céline Lis-Raoux, co-founder of Rose-Up, interviewed by Le Figaro.

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