HIV-infected syringes hidden in gas pumps are poisonous

For almost a year, a post accusing petrol stations of hiding syringes infected by AIDS in gas pumps circulates on social networks. However, it is a poison and size.

Since the arrival of the Internet, many erroneous information circulate on the network and some information make the buzz while they are completely false. We must therefore pay particular attention to "unusual news", especially those shared on social networks. The latest poisoning reported around the world and most serious: gas stations would circulate syringes infected with HIV in fuel pumps.

Birth of a poison in France

In France, everything began on December 15, 2017 when a group named "I love and respect our planet" post on Facebook a photo showing a gas pump handle equipped with a syringe. "SHARE !!! Attention ... this is the new betrayal they make at gas stations.They put HIV-infected syringes (Aids) in the fuel weapon.Watch and spin! save lives! ", is it written on post, today shared more than 272,000 times.

But not everyone is credulous. "What circulates in the open, it's bullshit", "it's great anything (...) we are in the intox ... stupid!", And note some netizens, septic.

The roots of the intox are more exotic

But this rumor is not limited to France. At the end of 2017, the same photo is circulating in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy. The cliché, however, has no connection with Europe since it comes from the United States.

It was a motorist named Jose Medina who took him to California in May 2017. "Yesterday, on the way to work, my father stopped at a gas station in Moreno Valley to get gas. After paying inside, he went out to grasp the tip of the pump and was suddenly stung by a bloody syringe placed here on purpose by a poor guy, "said his daughter Jacqueline on Facebook.

Shocked, Jose Medina had then alerted the employee of the service station who had immediately removed the syringe with a towel. He then warned the police and underwent medical examinations without ever mentioning HIV.

The rumor that swells

Too late, social networks had already seized the case, surfing on the psychosis of AIDS, while some netizens accused Jacqueline Medina of having invented everything. Tired of being accused of lying, the young woman shared Fox 11's article and report on the incident. "I also had to delete the original photo of the gas pump and add the credit to my father's name, since some people take the picture and tell another story or say that the syringe contains the AIDS virus (while I do not 've never said that the syringe contained or not the virus, we do not know what was in it or not), "she also wrote on social networks.

A psychosis that dates from the late 1990s

As recalled by Jacqueline Medina via a link to the website of Snopes facts checks, the psychosis around syringes supposedly contaminated by the AIDS virus has existed since the late 1990s. At that time, emails circulated alleging contaminations contaminations by syringe in phone booths or movie theaters.

The history of petrol pumps appeared in the 2000s. It came back on the scene in 2013, again via Facebook, through a post accusing a group of hiding syringes in Florida gas stations.

HIV, a paradoxically very fragile virus

Remember however that this information is not very credible given the very nature of the AIDS virus. The latter is indeed a "very fragile virus that does not support being out of the human body," notes the site AIDS info-service. "It is extremely unlikely that an HIV infection will occur as a result of a needlestick injury left in a public place.

However, if the incident occurs with a needle and a syringe containing fresh blood, and if part of the blood is injected, there is theoretically a risk of infection, "says the Canadian Pediatric Society. There is no risk of HIV transmission when the blood is dried.