Dog in mind, animals are man's best friend

France has 63 million pets ... which brings a lot of joy. Companion, guardian, but also a medical assistant. At all stages of life

Let's start the family life of a pet by the end ... This is a problem that GPs are familiar with. It is not uncommon for a brave grandmother to persist in her desire to stay at home, even though her state of health would require her to go to a specialized institution, simply because beside her bed, there is his cat or dog.

If the unbearable separation from his pet, we can consider allowing them in retirement homes and many institutions have taken the plunge, even if for reasons of hygiene or fear, the staff was often resolutely against ... But it is true that these tests, even if it requires improvements, have made these retirement homes much more humane

Medical assistant

The medical profession is aware of the importance of a pet in the lives of some of their patients. Especially psychiatrists - First, indeed, in the elderly, because before being present near the chair and the bed, it is especially a great way to impose the few minutes of daily walking which we know that they are fundamental to delay the loss of autonomy.

In case of mental disability

Nothing equals the patience of the animal to avoid the withdrawal into oneself, the lack of understanding of the world of others. For example, some children who have trouble articulating a few words find motivation to learn the simple commands that life with a dog requires. Without trivializing the disease, the presence of an animal next to them spontaneously attracts a sympathy that helps a little - there is nothing miraculous - but a little all the same, the exchange with others. '

This remains very anecdotal, but birds, horses, fish against stress, monkeys for the paralyzed, dolphins for autists, everything has been tried at the risk of seeing the long-stay hospitals or institutes of psychiatry become menagerie, but without much success.

The best friend of the man remains the dog

There are countless positive experiences in psychiatry, especially in children. It is the companion of loneliness, often the last passion of the elderly for whom separation is often a tragedy. A dog is able to memorize more than 50 simple orders. It is a real medical assistant. They are unfortunately only a few hundred in France whereas the physically disabled who could benefit are tens of thousands.

The story of Marie and Vasco

Marie is a woman ... Who suffers from a very common illness, insulin-dependent diabetes that requires insulin bites.

Vasco is an animal ... Who belongs to the race that walks on 4 legs, it is a small English cocker spaniel.

Mary's diabetes is very hard to balance and she is constantly hypoglycemic, these horrible discomforts that give the impression of fainting and usually ends in a loss of consciousness if one does not intervene soon enough. But at Marie these discomforts occur most often at night, during her sleep and she was therefore forced to wake up every hour to check that her blood sugar does not drop too much.

Vasco has been trained to detect these famous drops of blood sugar. He comes twice a night, sniffing his mistress and waking her up if she senses odors of hypoglycemia. And today Marie can finally spend nights quite correct.

The truffle screening experiments of dogs is in full swing. The detection of prostate cancer is a very impressive example.