Well-being: slow down to live longer?

Slowing one's heart rate, breathing, or diet would prolong life expectancy.

Since the 1970s, life expectancy in the world has increased by 10 years. This progression is not without consequences on an aging brain whose risk of mental illness and dementia also increases. To prolong one's life expectancy in good health, slowing down would be one of the solutions.

Slow your heart rate to live longer?

Heart rate, also known as the pulse, is just as important as blood pressure. With age, lack of physical activity, smoking, overweight, and stress, it tends to increase as much as cardiovascular risk and mortality.

Slowing your heart rate can save you years of healthy life, but also reduce your daily stress. For this, it is advisable to practice a regular physical activity such as cycling or running for example by avoiding intensive sports, practice cardiac coherence breathing regularly during the day or take breaks focusing on his breathing or to meditate.

Eat less quickly to stay in good health longer?

To slow down to gain life expectancy is also to eat more slowly and in less quantity. It is a secret of the people of Okinawa Island in Japan, who leave the table only after feeling 80% satiated.

The lengthening of the years of life is explained here by the importance of the sociability in the meals, and the decrease of the quantity of food which protects the organism. To lose weight and prolong life expectancy, it is advisable to eat while sitting, taking the time to chew each mouthful, favoring meals with others rather than alone in front of his TV for example; be attentive to its satiety, which usually comes 20 minutes after the start of the meal or favor home-cooked meals with various ingredients.

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