Prostate cancer: CHU Besançon creates a specialized center "to improve the quality of life of patients"

With the official creation of a prostate cancer center, the University Hospital of Besançon is organizing to coordinate the care of patients. The head of the Urology and Andrology Department, François Kleinclauss, presents this initiative.

The University Hospital of Besançon has just opened a center dedicated to the global management of prostate cancer. Twenty-six doctors and nursing staff from 13 specialties are gathered in the same establishment, which has a number (03 81 47 71 17, Monday to Friday) and a one-stop shop. Patients can be referred by their attending physician or come for consultation.

First male cancer

"This initiative is linked to two elements, explains the head of the urology and Andrology Department of the CHRU François Kleinclauss The multiplication of advances in prostate cancer research and the incidence of this disease". Prostate cancer is the first male cancer with 48,000 new cases in France per year and 8,000 deaths. In Franche-Comté, the standardized incidence is 113 new cases per year per 100,000 inhabitants.
It affects one in eight men, the majority of whom struggle to find themselves in the therapeutic arsenal at their disposal. "Prostate cancer research is progressing in all aspects of the disease, using MRI or image fusion biopsy, surgery is much less practiced than before, chemotherapy is evolving ...", quotes , pell-mell, François Kleinclauss.

Number and one-stop shop

The idea of ​​a center dedicated to the global management of prostate cancer comes from countries where similar systems have proved their worth, such as Switzerland or the Netherlands. It comes from both patients and carers.
The number and the one-stop shop give patients direct access to the service that concerns them, without going through the administrative labyrinths of Besançon University Hospital. This type of structure is also a great time saver. "Our multidisciplinary approach to the disease allows patients to see all doctors at once, on the same day at the same time, instead of making an appointment with the urologist, then with the oncologist, then with the surgeon , etc ... ", welcomes François Kleinclauss.

"Shockwave therapy"

Because prostate cancer and its treatments can alter sexual health, patients at the center may, for example, benefit from consultation with an andrologist. It will be able to offer support to the couple and appropriate treatments, including shockwave therapy, localized shock waves to improve erectile dysfunction (expected device by the end of 2018).
One of the other strengths of the center is also to offer in case of urinary disorders a vesico-sphincterian and perineal rehabilitation, with the intervention of a dedicated and specialized physiotherapist. "The goal is also and above all to improve the quality of life of the patient, who can be very affected by the disease," insists François Kleinclauss.

A cancer of slow evolution

Prostate cancer is strongly linked to age: rare before age 50, the number of cases is the highest is around 70 years. It is a cancer of generally slow evolution (10 to 15 years on average), most often asymptomatic. However, some prostate cancers can progress rapidly and lead to symptomatic metastases.