The sugar, even hidden, a real poison for the brain!

New studies show the harmful effects of sugar on the brain. Overconsumption of sugary products, such as soda, accelerates brain aging and cognitive decline.

Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular problems, the dangers of sugar are many. Last month, the film Sugarland directed by Damon Gameau once again alerted the danger of overconsumption of sugar. For 60 days, he consumed industrial products, considered healthy, but actually rich in added sugars. Results? Significant weight gain and behavioral problems

A study published in September 20127, shows the dangers of sugar on the brain. Eating too many sugary drinks would cause memory problems, and could be the cause of early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Early Alzheimer's signals

4000 people over 30 participated in this study. Scientists have performed memory tests to detect the presence or absence of Alzheimer's signs. People who consumed 1 to 2 sodas and other sugary drinks a day had worse results, indicating an aging brain and therefore early signs of Alzheimer's. They also had a reduction in the size of their brains. From two sugary drinks a day, the results were getting worse.

The other study published in Diabetologia in January 2018, shows that high blood glucose, whether or not linked to diabetes, has a direct toxic effect on cognitive functions.

These studies suggest that the misdeeds of a diet that is too rich in added sugar carries other risks that are still little known. Several books and documentaries on the benefits of a sugar-free diet have appeared in recent years. In 2015, the World Health Organization called for reducing the intake of sugars in adults and children. It recommends reducing them to less than 10% of energy intake.

Video: How sugar affects the brain - Nicole Avena (December 2019).